Update from Week One

Dave and I have been doing 21 Day Fix for a week now.  So far, we’ve lost almost 14 pounds together.  I am incredibly proud of us.  The choices to eat healthily and exercise are not always easy.  They are worth it!

We both have more energy. We both are able to do more during the day and seem to be more productive.  I still have that weird hiving thing going on, but hopefully, we’ll get to the bottom of that.  I suspect it is stress related.

I’ve woken up twice this week with panic attacks in the wee hours of the morning.  That’s not due to food changes.  It’s due to anxiety and stress.  It will get back under control.

So, that’s it.  That’s been our week in a nutshell.  Until next week.  🙂

A Continual Journey

Last week, I made a decision. I’m tired of being fat. With that, I talked to my doctor. He put me in touch with a nutritionist. Hopefully,  I’ll hear from her soon. 

I am pretty busy on Ig these days. While I was on there,  I made a friend. Her name is Monica. She’s a Beachbody coach. She reached out and was super friendly. After doing some observation for awhile, I decided to sign up under her to do the rounds and workouts. 

The way it works is its a designed program to help you lose weight. I will eat a balanced diet and exercise. That’s it. Diet,  exercise,  and accountability. Simple. 

I’m looking for friends to join me on this journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re obese like me or if you are a fitness instructor like Monica. Everyone can benefit. Together. If you’re interested, please email me at Ourjollylittlehome@gmail.com. 😊


This is a post to explain our position on marriage.

Frankly, it’s a dead institution.  I have friends that have been married for DECADES, who just wake up one day and aren’t happy and get a divorce.  Personally, I’ve been married twice.  Both were crap relationships.  Dave’s been married once.  Neither one of us feels led to sign on the dotted line just because.

We are happy.  Deliriously so.  We communicate well.  We support each other.  A little piece of paper isn’t going to make that any more true and in my experience it can change the way people behave.  Once that paper is signed, people get comfortable.  They stop working.  They get lazy.  I, for one, don’t want to be one that does that or has that happen to.

I have done something to legally tie Dave to me and to give him more “authority” over my world.  I have done a living will and a power of attorney.  Technically, he has as much access over my life as a husband would, but without the white dress. 

I love David with every fiber of my being.  For the FIRST time in my life, I am loved with a love that is sacrificial.  I am proud to be his “other half” and not his wife.

This post may be a bit controversial as he and I live in the Bible belt and most people adhere to their faith.  That’s fine.  I’m not saying don’t have your faith.  Walk a mile in our shoes.  You wouldn’t sign on the dotted line either.  🙂


Irma…Where Are You? 

We live in Northwest Georgia. Irma is supposed to pay us a visit. We are apparently on the bad side of the storm. Tornadoes,  flooding,  power outages are all expected.

We,  however,  saw today as a beautiful chance to feed ducks… twice! We took walks around the lake. We just tried to relax.

I did cancel seeing Nanny and Pop. Nanny seemed relieved. One day at a time. Today was a jolly day.

Pop Update

He’s not doing so well. He has a swollen prostate which is blocking his bladder. He needs surgery on that.  He can’t walk. They aren’t sure why. He’s gone from being independent to practically totally dependent on others. 

Frankly guys,  I’m falling apart and scared to visit. We are supposed to go Sunday,  but I don’t want to cry and upset him. Talking to him on the phone is one thing  and I struggle to keep it together then. 

Fact is,  eventually,  I’m going to be alone. Pop will eventually pass from this pancreatic cancer.  He is the one stable,  always kind family member. Then,  after he goes,  Nanny will fall apart. Then,  she too will pass. My mom has already passed. My dad is M. I. A.  I’m not sure if he’s dead or on a bender. 

All this to say,  yall… I’m hurting. We are hurting.  Please pray for Pop,  my family,  David,  and me. 

I’m sorry this is so down. I needed to get it off my chest. I appreciate you guys.