Upcoming Exciting  Things!

Next Monday, we will experience and 97% solar eclipse!  I’m excited about this!

Also, this weekend, our friend is coming into town and staying with us a night.  Another thing I’m thrilled about.

BUT that’s not THE most exciting news.

THE most exciting news is this:  Pop’s cancer hasn’t spread.  I fully believe in the power of prayer.  I also fully believe in the science behind the medicine.  I thank God for his doctors.  THAT is the most exciting news of all.  He starts radiation very soon.


Things here have been a little busy.  I’m getting back into the swing of work.  David has been feeling kind of icky.  (That always seems to coincide with germs from work.  We both get sick at the beginning of the year.)  All this to say, my writing has slowed down a bit.  I still appreciate you guys. Very much!  My time is limited.  Keep tuning in because you may randomly see a new post every now and again.  They just aren’t as frequent as they once were.   Maybe they will be again…someday.  🙂

Steaks,  galore! 

We are doing low carb for our diet these days. What better than steak?!  How about 8 t-bone steaks for $30????

We started by dating and labeling the freezer bags, including the weight of the steak.
Then, in goes the steak.

In the end we had about 10 pounds worth of steak. All for $3.99/pound.

For those of you in my town,  this deal is at IGA. 

Our Trip to St. Augustine

Despite the previous post, the trip was fantastic.

We went to the fort and lighthouse.  Both were amazing just because of the history.  The architecture in St. Augustine is beautiful.  We even were able to play in the waves.  I love the waves in the Atlantic!  They are so much bigger than the gulf.  Overall, the vacation away from the hotel was great.  🙂  Just stay away from that hotel.  🙂

Nightmare of a stay

Where do I start? I’ll start with photos! 

And THAT was the clean room!

I have no words to describe how filthy the Quality Inn off of I-95 is. And the staff… Under trained,  unprofessional, and not helpful at all. We had to take our concerns to Choice bc staff said they were on their “off day.”  Two separate staff members cursed. We are big people who cuss too,  but we did not choose to use those words. They did, at work-it’s just unacceptable. 

Then, my pineapple towel was stolen. I was ticked and hoping for help. Nothing from the manager,  who was the only person with access to the video feed. 

Do NOT stay here. We even tried to call the owner.. who we had to track down. No response. 

We want warn others,  if you’re going to St. Augustine,  don’t stay here. 

We did not intend to spend our vacation stressing over bad hotel management.