Goal #2 for 2017

My home and homemaking is my #2 goal. I want to keep my home clean and inviting.

In order to do this I use an app called Home Routines.

There are jobs for weekly tasks.
There are weekly zones (like FlyLady) to keep the house shining.
There are morning and evening tasks.

This is my best kept secret for meeting Goal #2. Plus, there’s a timer! If you follow Flylady, you know you can do anything for 15 minutes! 

Happy cleaning!

Meet Us

Hi, y’all! I’d like to introduce ourselves.

I’m Nikki. I love to write. I enjoy keeping my household going. I love my fur babies. Camping, hiking, and adventures in general. 

This is my best friend. It feels too weird to call him my boyfriend…I mean come on-he’s in his 50s. He’s the most patient man I’ve ever known. He waited almost four and a half years to get involved with me. He’s always protected me. He let me work out my junk first. 

Because he waited, I’m stronger. I’m also a better partner than I could ever be back then. 

We make up the “us” of this blog. I’ll be sharing photos and stories of our adventures. The pups usually always go with us. They’re our babies. We love them…even when they have accidents in the house. 😂

Goal #1 for 2017

This is pretty simple. I want to spend more time in prayer. 

Sometimes I struggle to get the words out. I want to pray for all those I love. 

It is my belief that prayers on another’s behalf issues a hedge of protection. I have no doubt that if people weren’t praying for me, I’d be in a completely different place. 

I’ve fallen away from my Catholic faith-although I was a convert anyway. However, I still have faith and a minor in Biblical Studies. My goal is to use those to cover those I care about. 

One day at a time. One moment at a time. 

A Fantastic Planner!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a planner. Planning helps me cope with anxiety and stress.
I found a great planner last year that I purchased again for this year. Often, I’ll switch between planners. This year I started off with another one, but I couldn’t make it work (despite it being super cute!)

The planner I’ve chosen to stick with is The Catholic Planner. http://catholicplanner.com/

This is great bc of the lists. One list I use for home. The other is for work.
This is the weekly spread.
I love this section. I can track rituals and habits! It also gives me a spot to be creative. Lately, I do quotes.
Each week, the Mass readings are listed. Also there’s a spot for journaling.
More of the monthly spread.


Each month features feasts and holy days of obligation. Even if you are Protestant-you will love this Planner!



There have been lots of adventures in 2016. 

I look forward to writing more. Hopefully, they’ll be losts more stories to tell. 

We’ve come so far in the last five years. I’m not who I was five or ten years ago. Most of that is due to life experience and being loved (even when I was difficult to love and making stupid choices.) 

I am so thankful for Dave. I feel loved and safe with him.

We have no idea what 2017 holds for us. I’m hoping some camping, hiking, good food, and adventures. 

Until the next post,

Y’all stay happy! 💜