Our Latest Trip: Ellijay, Georgia

We decided to make a day trip to Cherokee, NC.  However, we ended up stopping in Ellijay, Georgia to check out the store for one of the local orchards.

These beautiful flowers greeted us as we walked into the store for Panorama Orchards.

We wandered around the store for quite awhile.  There is so much to look at and taste.  We ended up getting a muscadine shake and a fried apple pie each.

David fell head over heals for the candy store.  

I was incredibly excited to see these jawbreakers.  I immediately sent Alexia a Facebook message to show her.  One summer we finally got smart and used a hammer on the jawbreaker.  It shares nicely that way.

As a kid, my cousin, Alexia, would have one of these every summer.  
This was the highlight of my visit.  

We ended up with Applesauce Bread, sage soap, apple butter, rose soap, sorghum, and dried cranberries.

Our haul from Panorama Orchards.  

Champy’s: Chattanooga,  TN 

This is us resting after chowing down.

This week we made a trip to Chattanooga,  TN.  We stopped in a little place called Champy’s. This place came highly recommended by a good friend,  so we were excited!

This guy greeted us as we entered.

The atmosphere of  Champy’s is worth the trip alone. There is so much to take in and it’s a great place to people watch.

The ambiance of this restaurant is amazing!
We started with tamales.

For our meal,  we ordered homemade tamales as an appetizer. Then,  of course we ordered fried chicken. The restaurant is known for their Forty and Fowl. It’s a forty ounce beer with fried chicken. We skipped the beer, as we had to drive home. The chicken was THE best fried chicken (outside my Nanny’s).

I ordered the 2 piece dark meat meal. Best. Chicken. Ever.

If you’re ever in Chattanooga,  stop by Champy’s.

Roman Food Delivery 

A few weeks ago I had asked if anyone had used this service. For those of you not in the know,  it’s a service that will bring food or groceries to your home for a fee. 

Because we live out of town a little,  the fee was $10. I found that very reasonable. 

We were able to order Jerusalem Grill (one of our local faves!)  and it came within twenty minutes. Super quick. Super simple. 

I highly recommend this service. If you use it,  let us know. 

No Spend May Summary

Well,  I tried.  Sort of.

The no spend thing didn’t go so well this month. I had over $1,000 in medical bills,  so I paid that. Then,  generally,  there was very little self discipline. David did a great job at reminding me of my goal. I just didn’t seem to want that goal anymore.

The budget buster? Eating out. Eating out killed my no spend goal.

If you have yummy food ideas,  please comment below. I’m going to try again in June.

Pinterest Attempt

So,  I attempted to clean grout today.  The grout was filthy.  It’s supposed to be off-white. It was gray. Icky gray.

I used Clorox toilet bowl cleaner to attempt to clean the grout.  I found this idea somewhere on Pinterest.

As a first attempt,  I’d give this event three out of five stars. The cleaning results were inconsistent. Some places came out great. Others didn’t fair so well.

The process of getting the Clorox up was NOT fun. It was like a slip and slide.  At first,  I attempted to get it up with a mop. It didn’t work. Finally,  it took three white towels to wipe the floor. I sort of scooted around with the towels (one at a time) under my feet.

I may do this again,  but next time I’ll not use a mop. I also will let it sit longer than ten minutes. If you try this trick,  let me know your results!

No Spend May

Welcome to May 2017!  In our family, we are doing a no-spend May.  The way this works well is by using lots of communication about what is considered spending and what isn’t.

Some families go as far as not spending ANYTHING, not even on groceries.  Other families make lists of what is considered acceptable spending and what isn’t.  We are the later type of family. Some categories include food, clothing, date night, and car maintenance

We’ve decided that it’s okay to spend for groceries, gas, subscriptions (i.e. gym and other memberships), and everything else that is purchased must be under $5.00.  The plan is to document the experience and share with you readers at the end of the month.  Wish us luck.  🙂

In our relationship, Dave is the saver and I tend to be the spender.  I’m really bad about emotional spending.  (Kind of like emotional eating…speaking of…I ran almost a mile last night!  I’m kicking butt and taking names.  LOL)  The purpose of the limited spend May is to help curb that habit.  Dave is super good about helping with this.

If you are interested in doing a No Spend May with us, contact me and I’ll add you to the facebook group! 🙂  I like having buddies doing challenges with me!