Wildflower Cafe: a review

Today we drove over an hour to eat at Wildflower Cafe in Mentone, Alabama. This event was supposed to be fun. It was anything but.

We arrived at Wildflower and put our name on the list, knowing we would have to wait. After 45 minutes, we left because a party of 5 was seated before we were, along with two other parties of 2. I was livid.

I felt like it was because we were dressed bummy.  We were just in t-shirts and shorts.  David was in a tank top.  Maybe this wasn’t the reason…but I will tell you I noticed the party of five that was seated was VERY well dressed.  So much so that it made me painfully aware of my own clothing.

Either way…no tomato pie is worth feeling like crap when you leave the restaurant.  We left and we will never be back.


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