This Book Changed My Life

beach depression sad tattoo
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Several years ago…I guess almost ten now…I picked up a book and read it for the first time.  It revolutionized my world.  The book is called An Unquiet Mind.  The author is Kay Redfield Jamison.  If you live with mental illness or your are touched by mental illness GET THIS BOOK.

This book was the first time I saw myself as living with Bipolar Disorder.  I related to Dr. Jamison in ways that I had never connected to anyone.  Her struggles were related to my struggles.  It was my “ah-ha” moment.

This week on Instagram, I revealed that I live with Bipolar Disorder.  I didn’t do that to gain sympathy.   I did it to empower other women. Please, if you are one of those women who needs empowering-GET THIS BOOK.  🙂  (Can you tell I want you to read it?!)


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