Basil Rolls (Aka Condom Rolls)

These rolls are my favorite at our Thai restaurant. (Please don’t judge my corrupt sense of humor with the title.)


First, gather your ingredients.

Next, run the rice paper under the sink for about 10-15 seconds. Make sure to wet both sides.

Then, stuff the spinach and tuna. Wrap it up like a burrito.

Last, enjoy it with some hoisin sauce.

My small town had these wrappers at Walmart. I’m sure you can find some near you. Tip: Ask the store manager to order them if you can’t find them. They usually will for no charge.


7 thoughts on “Basil Rolls (Aka Condom Rolls)”

  1. “Aka Condom Rolls” I died. I, for one, love your sense of humor and I’m very glad I’m not the only one who thinks of condoms when she sees any sort of rice wrapped roll like that.

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