Lent started last Wednesday. Personally, I’m focused on habits. Habits make or break us as spiritual beings.

My goal for Lent is to get back on track as a Catholic. I am nowhere near perfect. That’s why I need the Eucharist.

Here’s my story:

I am a Catholic convert. I’ve been Catholic in my heart since leaving Bible College. As soon as transubstatiation clicked, I knew I had to convert. Years ticked by. As did life. Easter of 2013 I officially entered the church.

I married an alcoholic atheist shortly thereafter.

That marriage didn’t last long. It ended with the police being called.

I prayed and prayed my rosary during that time. It was all I had to cling to.

And fast forward. Dave and I got involved. He helped heal my heart. My soul was still yearning for Jesus.

Now, we are in Lent. I am an imperfect Catholic with a willing heart. I’m trying hard to set an example for David and the rest of my family. Lent is a time of purification. What better way to purify than going to confession?

I will get that done as soon as I’m feeling like being around people. I’ve had an upper respiratory infection for a little while.

Please pray for my journey, as I am praying for yours. ❤


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