Welcome, 2018!

This year is so much like every other year in some ways and so unlike them in others.  We are all a little older…a little wiser.  Someone once told me that I didn’t know crap from apple butter.  He was right.  I didn’t.  Now, I know what I don’t know.  Then, I didn’t.

There are certain routines that happen every year at this time.  People set resolutions.  But you see, I set my resolutions for 2018 back in November.  I’ve been working on them every day I can since then.  Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Continued weight loss.  I want to do a round of Beachbody a month until I hit my goal weight.
  2. Meal planning.  I have to meal plan in order to be successful with the weight loss.
  3. Relationship growth.  I want to devote time to our relationship and develop some new habits that will spur us on to love.
  4. Soul growth.  I want to find my spiritual place and lock into it.

Those are my goals for 2018.  What are yours?



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