This is a post to explain our position on marriage.

Frankly, it’s a dead institution.  I have friends that have been married for DECADES, who just wake up one day and aren’t happy and get a divorce.  Personally, I’ve been married twice.  Both were crap relationships.  Dave’s been married once.  Neither one of us feels led to sign on the dotted line just because.

We are happy.  Deliriously so.  We communicate well.  We support each other.  A little piece of paper isn’t going to make that any more true and in my experience it can change the way people behave.  Once that paper is signed, people get comfortable.  They stop working.  They get lazy.  I, for one, don’t want to be one that does that or has that happen to.

I have done something to legally tie Dave to me and to give him more “authority” over my world.  I have done a living will and a power of attorney.  Technically, he has as much access over my life as a husband would, but without the white dress. 

I love David with every fiber of my being.  For the FIRST time in my life, I am loved with a love that is sacrificial.  I am proud to be his “other half” and not his wife.

This post may be a bit controversial as he and I live in the Bible belt and most people adhere to their faith.  That’s fine.  I’m not saying don’t have your faith.  Walk a mile in our shoes.  You wouldn’t sign on the dotted line either.  🙂



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