Nightmare of a stay

Where do I start? I’ll start with photos! 

And THAT was the clean room!

I have no words to describe how filthy the Quality Inn off of I-95 is. And the staff… Under trained,  unprofessional, and not helpful at all. We had to take our concerns to Choice bc staff said they were on their “off day.”  Two separate staff members cursed. We are big people who cuss too,  but we did not choose to use those words. They did, at work-it’s just unacceptable. 

Then, my pineapple towel was stolen. I was ticked and hoping for help. Nothing from the manager,  who was the only person with access to the video feed. 

Do NOT stay here. We even tried to call the owner.. who we had to track down. No response. 

We want warn others,  if you’re going to St. Augustine,  don’t stay here. 

We did not intend to spend our vacation stressing over bad hotel management. 


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