Our Latest Trip: Ellijay, Georgia

We decided to make a day trip to Cherokee, NC.  However, we ended up stopping in Ellijay, Georgia to check out the store for one of the local orchards.

These beautiful flowers greeted us as we walked into the store for Panorama Orchards.

We wandered around the store for quite awhile.  There is so much to look at and taste.  We ended up getting a muscadine shake and a fried apple pie each.

David fell head over heals for the candy store.  

I was incredibly excited to see these jawbreakers.  I immediately sent Alexia a Facebook message to show her.  One summer we finally got smart and used a hammer on the jawbreaker.  It shares nicely that way.

As a kid, my cousin, Alexia, would have one of these every summer.  
This was the highlight of my visit.  

We ended up with Applesauce Bread, sage soap, apple butter, rose soap, sorghum, and dried cranberries.

Our haul from Panorama Orchards.  

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