Champy’s: Chattanooga,  TN 

This is us resting after chowing down.

This week we made a trip to Chattanooga,  TN.  We stopped in a little place called Champy’s. This place came highly recommended by a good friend,  so we were excited!

This guy greeted us as we entered.

The atmosphere of  Champy’s is worth the trip alone. There is so much to take in and it’s a great place to people watch.

The ambiance of this restaurant is amazing!
We started with tamales.

For our meal,  we ordered homemade tamales as an appetizer. Then,  of course we ordered fried chicken. The restaurant is known for their Forty and Fowl. It’s a forty ounce beer with fried chicken. We skipped the beer, as we had to drive home. The chicken was THE best fried chicken (outside my Nanny’s).

I ordered the 2 piece dark meat meal. Best. Chicken. Ever.

If you’re ever in Chattanooga,  stop by Champy’s.


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