Pinterest Attempt

So,  I attempted to clean grout today.  The grout was filthy.  It’s supposed to be off-white. It was gray. Icky gray.

I used Clorox toilet bowl cleaner to attempt to clean the grout.  I found this idea somewhere on Pinterest.

As a first attempt,  I’d give this event three out of five stars. The cleaning results were inconsistent. Some places came out great. Others didn’t fair so well.

The process of getting the Clorox up was NOT fun. It was like a slip and slide.  At first,  I attempted to get it up with a mop. It didn’t work. Finally,  it took three white towels to wipe the floor. I sort of scooted around with the towels (one at a time) under my feet.

I may do this again,  but next time I’ll not use a mop. I also will let it sit longer than ten minutes. If you try this trick,  let me know your results!


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