Family Update

Yesterday,  David and I went to my Nanny and Pop’s. It was a very nice time.  We had breakfast together.  We sat and shared stories. We even talked politics and everyone still had all their smiles on at the end.  😂

Then,  it became time to leave.  Pop was tired.  He was jaundiced. Other than that,  one would never know he was sick. Nanny started talking about when they are gone. And,  well,  I burst into tears. I can’t talk about it with them. Not death. I just can’t. 

After I got it together,  we gave hugs and told each other we love them. Then,  Dave and I left.  Nanny and Pop took a nap. They’re tired. And we love them. 

I think I’ll go see them again soon.  He starts chemo Friday.  Please keep praying.  Pray for his quality of life.  Pray for both of their strength.  Thank you. 

This week on Instagram I’m honoring them. All the pictures this week are from Nanny and Pop’s home. Send them some love,  please. 


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