The biggest faith journey of all… 

This week I heard some devastating news.  My grandfather,  who raised me as a child,  who was the ONLY stable voice as a child,  has pancreatic cancer. 

This started about two weeks ago. I got a phone call saying he was in the hospital. I was so pissed about not knowing he was in the hospital that I couldn’t hear the concern in my grandmother’s voice.  I over reacted. Then I took things in my own hands and directly called Pop. 

That’s when he warned me that he may have cancer. He ALWAYS shoots me straight.  ALWAYS.  I appreciate that about him. 

Here’s the truth: pancreatic cancer has a VERY low survival rate. That terrifies me. That terrifies him. I heard the fear tonight on the phone. 

David lost his mom to a similar situation. We were talking tonight as I wept over dinner.  This is all out of our hands now. This is going to be THE biggest faith journey ever. David told me all I can do is pray.  I told him I can’t even do that because what is IS what is. That,  dear friends,  is why I ask for prayers for my family.  I can’t even find the words to utter to God right now because I’m so hurt. So mad.  And my Jesus is big enough to handle those emotions. Jesus,  please be big enough to keep Pop from suffering terribly. Please. 

Dear readers,  please pray for my Pop. 


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