First Impressions

I’ve been taking a homemaking mentoring course. You can sign up for it here. The course covers everything from basic cleaning routines to emotional vulnerability with your partner and everything in between. It’s brutally honest. It’s helpful. And I’m happy with my choice of starting the course.

The deal is that with years of abandonment issues, I struggle with being emotionally vulnerable. I struggle both with Dave and with other friends that I’m attempting to make. This course addresses those issues.

The bottom line is this: cling to the gospel. I know that sounds super easy. I know we who have grown up in the church assume everyone does that. In reality, though, how often do we put our mind on that truth? I know when I’m dealing with anxiety or fear the truth of the gospel isn’t always what I’m thinking about. I’m usually thinking, “How do I breathe again?”

My mission is to be a light of positivity, love, and compassion. Relationships are a huge part of that. I’m making a deliberate effort to cultivate friendships. This doesn’t mean every lady will be an inner circle lady, but it does mean that I need to practice varying degrees of emotional vulnerability with various people.

It also means I’ve made a concerted effort this week to be emotionally truthful and vulnerable to my partner. He deserves the best of me. The inner thoughts of me. That’s part of communication and building a Jolly Little Home.

I’m glad I’m still growing and learning. Stagnant is not ever where I want to be.

If you want to check out the link above, you should be able to click or search these ladies blogs. I’ll see if I can post some links below to their blogs. Wise women. Wise, Godly women. Tell me what you think about what you find.

Jami’s blog

Jolene’s site


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