Stability is Priceless

Since today is World Bipolar Day, I’m going to address a few things. First and foremost, I AM 1 in 4. I live each and every day with a broken brain. Just because I function well doesn’t mean I don’t have issues. I’ve been hospitalized twice in the 12 years I’ve been diagnosed.

Secondly, it CAN get better. It takes a helluva lot of work. It takes removing toxic people, even if they are family. It takes LOTS of therapy. It takes taking the medication your doctor says you need every time it’s due. It takes putting an army of warriors who are positive people in your camp. It takes work.

Since December 2015, I’ve cycled, but my cycles haven’t been so high or low I’ve needed the hospital. I have had a couple of times where I thought I might be headed in that direction, but thankfully not yet.

See, I have gotten rid of my stressors. I haven’t contacted my sperm donor father, my aunts, one cousin, and I have very limited contact with my grandparents. My family is dysfunctional and abusive. Cutting contact has helped me maintain my sanity. Literally.

Also, the other stressors we have in life are there still, but Dave and I deal with them as a team. I’ve learned also that he is my biggest advocate. He is my rock and my anchor.

I have stability now. Emotionally, financially, spiritually. David didn’t make that all happen. David does offer me security and trust that I’ve never had before. Not even as a child. The stability I have now is the byproduct of being in a relationship with him AND working my butt off to stay healthy.

Anywho, all this to say, if you have bipolar disorder…you CAN thrive with it. It takes work and an incredible support system. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and moms all live with bipolar disorder. It’s not a death sentence. At one time, I thought it was. The best part about living with bipolar disorder is the strength I have. That strength lets me have stability.

Stability is beautiful. Stability is fun. Stability is life. Seek stability out.


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