Weight Loss: Why I Gained Weight

I haven’t always been over 200 pounds.   There was a time I was about 130.  Then, life happened.

The deal is I have to take medicine daily.  Sometimes the medicine can make you gain a ton of weight.  That is problem #1.

#2 is the fact that I was married to a man who would call me a “f$*#&$* fat b$*#&” almost daily.  After awhile, you start to believe it.  Then, I started eating all the time.  Food made me feel better.  Food soothed my emotions.

#3 It has taken almost 6 years for my emotions to recover from that marriage.  It’s taken almost 6 years to regain my identity and my worth.  I went through a lot of so-called relationships at that time, including another dysfunctional “marriage.”  To me, the weight on the outside of my body is just a reflection of what is going on emotionally.

Now that I’m in a more stable, healthy, and happy place, THE WEIGHT IS COMING OFF.  FINALLY.  🙂  You see, the battle of my size has NOTHING to do with food.  It’s a matter of the heart.  My heart is healed.  My heart is happy.  I WILL lose the obese label.  It may not be today or tomorrow.  It is one day at a time.  One meal at a time.  One emotion at a time.

If you are in this battle with me, speak up so I know I’m not alone.  🙂


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