My Favorite Superhero(s)

Y’all!  I’m 37 this week.  In honor of my birthday, I am going to tell you two of my favorite superhero type chics.

The first on is Wonder Woman.  I loved watching Lynda Carter as a kid.  She was the epitome of a perfect and strong woman.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Wonder Woman.

The next is also because I am a product of the 80s.  She-ra!   I couldn’t tell you anything about her now other than I had her doll and horse.  I would spend hours playing with those dolls.  HOURS.  She had that beautiful, straight, blonde hair.  She is the reason I wanted straight hair.  And a little white tutu type outfit to go kick butt and take names.
Those are my two favorite superheroes.  Green Lantern, the Hulk, and Superman have nothing on these chics. 🙂


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