Welcome, 2018!

This year is so much like every other year in some ways and so unlike them in others.  We are all a little older…a little wiser.  Someone once told me that I didn’t know crap from apple butter.  He was right.  I didn’t.  Now, I know what I don’t know.  Then, I didn’t.

There are certain routines that happen every year at this time.  People set resolutions.  But you see, I set my resolutions for 2018 back in November.  I’ve been working on them every day I can since then.  Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Continued weight loss.  I want to do a round of Beachbody a month until I hit my goal weight.
  2. Meal planning.  I have to meal plan in order to be successful with the weight loss.
  3. Relationship growth.  I want to devote time to our relationship and develop some new habits that will spur us on to love.
  4. Soul growth.  I want to find my spiritual place and lock into it.

Those are my goals for 2018.  What are yours?


Healing the Body


The last week or so, our house has been down for the count.  Bronchitis, sinus stuff, and wheezing.  Both of us have had this.

Today, I felt a tiny bit better, despite my back muscles being sore from coughing.  I decided to take advantage of this and try to make butternut squash and sweet potato soup.

Last Black Friday, I bought an immersion blender.  It has been money well spent.  I’ve made lots of mayo and homemade soups.  An immersion blender is a must for this recipe.

Short version: I went to Publix and bought two containers of precut veggies.  One container was butternut squash.  The other was sweet potato.  I threw those containers in my pot along with three cans of chicken broth.  I boiled it for about 40 minutes.  Then, I turned down the heat and let my immersion blender to do the rest.  In less than an hour, we had homemade, fresh, delicious soup! I may make large quantities of this next time and freeze it.

I added a tiny bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper to the mix once it was finished.

Let me know if you all try this.  It was tasty!